RyPul Media, a book publishing company, provides the highest quality, most affordable book publishing, book marketing, and book promotion services in the publishing business today.  

Our complete cover to cover book publishing strategy services allow you to focus on writing your very best manuscript while letting us focus on ensuring that your life's work is publishing and marketing to the world with the best image, video, book marketing, press release, social media, and digital marketing promotion the book publishing world has to offer.

In order to promote your book effectively, RyPul Media will complete the following tasks!

  • Reformat your book cover to ensure Amazon book publishing
  • Edit and proofread your manuscript
  • Design (1) book cover (free to use if you like)
  • Conduct a Kindle book keyword search and apply the niche keywords
  • Ensure that a unique ISBN number Is listed with your book
  • Ensure that legal copyright language is included within your book
  • Deliver (1) press release + permanent link promoting your book
  • Promote your book to 14k blogs and websites (submission proof is provided)
  • Update your niche keywords in KDP publishing
  • Re-format your manuscript for KDP + Amazon book publishing
  • Optimize your Amazon book description with hook and HTML formatting
  • Promote  your book on our corporate blog (70k+) unique visitors per day
  • Promote your book on our corporate website 
  • Create a graphic and list your book for sale on our corporate website (no cost upgrade)
  • Provide you a permanent blog link to post and share
  • Deliver (3) mock-up images of your book 
  • Deliver (1) MP4 video trailer of your book
  • Post a link to your book on our Instagram account (10k+) followers

Some of the notable books we have published are the Yoga series "2021: Dressed For Yoga" by Savannah Ryan, the titles in this series include,  "Yoga Much: Conquer Depression, Pain, and Mental Fatigue", "The Thirteen Ways Yoga Saved My Life", and "Meditation: Better Sleep, Spiritual Healing, and Weight Management", all which initially reached the Top 50 on Amazon's hot picks list when published, in addition to these great titles by Savannah Ryan we also published her best selling book "50 Words Every Toddler Should Know".

We have also published and promoted the bestselling books "Entrepreneur.com: 10 Steps To Starting Your Business and Dominating Your Market", by Warren Pulley, an Amazon Kindle best-seller as well as the critically reviewed relationship advice books "Hurt People Highway" and "Living Authentically You: 5 Steps to Personal Peace" both written by Author, CEO and Non-Profit Executive Director Noreen McClendon.

We have developed the easiest way for you to bring your book to market, and to ensure your success, RyPul Media has perfected the editing, and proofreading process all designed to help keep your readers engaged with your story. We use the most up-to-date Amazon and Kindle-approved software formats to help transform your manuscript into a finished product, which is certain to meet Amazon's publishing standards.  We also have on-staff expert cover graphic design artists as well as image creation specialists who can bring your completed manuscript to life. 

Once your book is completed, our book marketing team will make your book available in "eBook, paperback, hardcover, and digital download formats, which greatly improve your chances of making a profit through multiple online sales portals. Our promotion and marketing campaigns link your book to various book marketing blogs, websites, and publications which help you penetration the book reading market so that everyone is aware that "YOUR" book is now on the market. 

So, forget the hassle of how do I get my book published and just focus on making your book the best it can possibly be through focused topic research and effective writing.

We can and will do the rest! Now let us get you published!

Visit RyPul Media at www.rypulassessments.com on the web, on our Blog at RyPul Media, on Instagram @RyPulMedia, on Facebook at RyPul Media/Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

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