Writing, capturing, editing, formatting and planning blog posts is a huge investment of time, so it's important to think about how to make money from the content you produce. Referral traffic is gold for bloggers, and one of the best ways to get this traffic is to guest post on relevant blogs in your industry or vertically. There are many ways to incorporate sites like YouTube and Vimeo into your blog content strategy, whether you're recording Talkhead videos, mini-whiteboard lessons or presentations for your blog content. 

Another way to promote your blog post is to post it on social media sites. Bloggers can share their blog posts on niche sites like RyPul Media and Citizen Strong to generate relevant share and traffic. Once you've posted your super great blog post, you can promote it to help people find it, and ask them for backlinks to give your content the attention it deserves. 

Increasing blog traffic by sharing content across different social networks can help bloggers reach a broader audience, and should become a part of any small business growth marketing strategy. Sharing your content on social media is an excellent way to promote your blog, and sharing will lead to more traffic to your blog. Integrate social media icons into the site Adding a social media icon to the blog makes it easier for visitors to share blog content with their audience. 

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Make it part of your relationship with partners and get their advice and content to help promote your blog posts. Share a lot of content on your Twitter account multiple times a day to promote your blog posts. Write super content relevant to the blog and your niche, and try to incentivize your blog's readers (for example, a free checklist or an ebook). 

It is easy to ask if they will include a link to your content in their future posts or share your blog entry in an upcoming newsletter. If you publish new content on your blog or if you have a special promotion offer, go ahead and email your list. 

One way to promote your blog through regular e-mail communication is to add an e-mail signature that contains a link to your last post. Make sure you include a natural, helpful external link to guide readers to related content on your blog. 

High rankings in organic Google search results are just one aspect of building a successful growth marketing blog promotion engine, but you also want to create content that your readers can share on their own initiative. If someone who reads your content feels compelled to share it with their own network, your blog has a better chance of being shared on social media platforms and placing it higher in organic search results for your target words and phrases. People you connect through your personal and professional networks do not want to feel that you use them as a tool to spread your blog content, no matter how good they are. 

The ability to invite people to write a guest post on my blog or to be interviewed on my podcast is an incredible opportunity for me and my blog both in terms of the relationships I build and the quality of the content I get. 

Below we will explore how to find people to help promote your blog posts and what tools to use to promote content. The question is whether you have adopted other fan pages or Twitter profiles that appear to be a growing quickly strategy for your own website or blog promotion strategy. 

I suggest you experiment with different blog description copies every time you post the same content on more social media accounts. You will not change the actual content of the post itself, but you will make a change in how you describe it. 

Insert images designed by Pinterest for your blog post or others, and use them to pin your content. Graphics on your blog allow you to post your post on a Pinterest board, so be sure they describe clearly the content of your post. 

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In fact, I believe that efforts to promote content and email marketing can result in 68% of your blogpost traffic. Share engaging content with existing posts or use a free tool like Canva to turn your top blog articles into engaging graphics. If a group of people show interest in your content or your self-chosen audience, you can promote a new blog post. 

If your content on these pages is listed, shared and bookmarked, this can lead to a massive increase in traffic to your blog. There used to be a benefit to this but today bloggers have to share "content on their social media accounts with other users to promote their blogs post. A simple tip for working with social networks works like this: If you share content on Instagram, you don't have to include a link to the blog entry in your message. 

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Content syndication is the process of sharing your blog entry, article, video or web content with other third parties who then publish it on their own websites. In this way, searchers can see your relevant content without combing through your competitors "blog posts. In the past we have developed relationships with other companies through content trades where we write a blog for you and you write a post for us to maintain consistency in our blog as we meet new readers. 

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