Dating in major cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas have become harder over the past year with the arrival of Covid-19, however a new dating service by the company BOCM is set to take the online dating world by storm.  With escort dating services available in the Los Angeles market and companion dating services available in the Las Vegas area BOCM is poised to make a splash into the escort dating scene of two very large dating markets in both California and Nevada.

With more and more men and women ditching the online adult porn sites and seeking in person, face-to-face interaction and contact, companies like BOCM have found a niche in the dating market to tap, while provide top of line dating services, with built in safety protocols like no other in the business.

BOCM’s website, features several ways for clientele in both the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas from all levels of society to engage and date some of the most beautiful women in the world as well as some of the most handsome rugged men alive on the planet.  

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BOCM is able to do this because of the trust that it has built up with its talent workers, by ensuring their safety and anonymity with some of the dating industries most robust employment background checks, information security procedures and clients check before meetings with its talent.  BOCM and its staff also provides continuous online, mobile and remote monitoring of dates in real-time with a beefed up staff of current and former police officers who are ready to respond and handle any situation which may make their contract workers uncomfortable or be harmful to them physically.  For BOCM’s talent help is merely the push of a smart phone button away. 

The trust and safety section at BOCM is unlike any other in the world according to its CEO and its internal security staff have responded to but a handful of incidents in the Las Vegas area, and resolved each one to the satisfaction of its talented staff.

In addition to its robust protection of staff and contract workers, both men and women working through BOCM’s back office earn and keep nearly 70% of each dollar that they make, unlike most other dating sites the house normally keeps 50% or more of the talents earnings which leaves the talent likely looking for more gainful, profitable employment.  According to BOCM they currently have a 95% retention rate of both male and female talent that work through their service.

BOCM offers the full range of Los Angeles area dating and companion services to include:

Exclusive Boyfriend | Girlfriend Experiences

Worldwide Travel Companies

Evening Escorts

Overnight Companions

Lunch or Dinner Dates

Social Media Partners

Eye Candy for Events

Night On The Town Packages

And More!

After my review of the website, the talent and staff, its application and security processes, then BOCM services, we rate BOCM a 10 / 10 and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a top tier, high quality online dating service which can offer both the client and talent, a memorable engagement second to none.

If you would like to engage BOCM services or inquire about employment opportunities, you can find them online at

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