100 world leaders gathered today in the COP26 climate summit and made a bold promise to end deforestation worldwide by 2030. The pledge of $19.2 billon dollars of public and private funding is said to be made available for such work. #climatechange

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, called the choice a "landmark agreement to protect and restore the earth's forests".

Some of the countries most affected such as Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are all very supportive of this agreement, with a majority of the united funding going towards fighting wildfires, land restoration and supporting local communities in sustainable resource development.

Also as part of the broader agreement, some of the worlds largest corporations have agreed to end investment and growth in supply chain markets linked to deforestation. 

While this agreement is historic in nature, many sit and wait to see what the worlds to largest consumer and development markets do, meaning the United States and China

Scientists are worried that if drastic changes in CO2 emissions are not curtailed soon and suddenly that our planet will reach the point of no return and set of irreverisible tunpredictable climatic change.

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